Magnetic Healing Belts

Magnetic Healing Belts

Sabar Magnetic Belts are Manufactured by using best quality Magnet and raw material. These belts are made from Special Flocked PVC Materials and Plasto-Ferrite magnets. These Magnets are having unidirectional poles, means both the pole are in one side. Also these magnets are having special magnetic patterns to provide greater results. Sabar Magnetic Belts are constructed such that they provide better results.

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Bio-Magnetic Head Belt - BM 110

Sabar Bio-Magnetic Head Belts : Sabar Bio-Magnetic Head Belts are technically crafted by profes..

Rs.410.00 Ex Tax: Rs.347.46

Bio-Magnetic Eye Belt - BM 120

Magnetic Eye Belt - Sabar Bio-Magnetic eye beltuses magnets to help improve blood circulation around..

Rs.360.00 Ex Tax: Rs.305.08

Bio-Magnetic Neck Collar - BM 130

Sabar Bio-Magnetic Neck Collar : Sabar Bio-Magnetic Neck Collar melts away stress and tens..

Rs.455.00 Ex Tax: Rs.385.59

Bio-Magnetic Wrist Belt - BM 140

Sabar Bio-Magnetic wrist belt :Sabar Bio-Magnetic wrist belt is specially designed with flexibl..

Rs.225.00 Ex Tax: Rs.190.68

Bio-Magnetic Diabetic Belt - BM 150

Sabar Bio-Magnetic Diabetic Belts :Sabar Bio-Magnetic Diabetic Belts are manufactured using the..

Rs.1,020.00 Ex Tax: Rs.864.41

Bio-Magnetic Lumbar Belt - BM 160

Sabar Bio-Magnetic Lumbar belts :Sabar Bio-Magnetic Lumbar Belts are specially designed with fl..

Rs.1,495.00 Ex Tax: Rs.1,266.95

Bio-Magnetic Knee Belt - BM 170

Sabar Bio Magnetic knee cap : Sabar Bio-Magnetic Knee Cap is specially designed to target the p..

Rs.660.00 Ex Tax: Rs.559.32

Bio-Magnetic Ankle Elbow Belt - BM 180

Sabar Bio-Magnetic Ankle/Elbow belts :Sabar Bio-Magnetic Ankle Elbow Belts are specially designed fl..

Rs.705.00 Ex Tax: Rs.597.46