About Body Massager

What are the different types of Body massager machines available?

Due to E-commercialization, these days the markets are flooded with various types of massagers. Those include complete electric body massagers, specific body part massagers, massagers with multiple attachments, massaging chairs and misc. other similar offerings.


Are body massagers really effective?

DEPENDS! This completely depends on the make of it. Let’s take an example of a handy multi-purpose body massager which has multiple attachments for every part of the body. In this case, the various aspects that would affect the effectiveness of an electric body massager are :

·        How well the attachments are designed.
·        Whether the attachments have an ergonomic development base or no.
·        What is the material used for developing the attachments
·        How powerful is the massager machine
·        What kind of strokes is it providing on the body surface (Pl. note that the heavy strokes may harm the veins permanently).
Similarly the points would vary for different types of body massagers. Thus, there are various points to be considered while underlining the effectiveness of any given massager.


How does a body massage help?

Massage affects the body as a whole. Massage is well known to elevate the circulation of blood and the flow of lymph. The mechanical effect of rhythmically applied pressure by a Body Massager and movement used in massage, dramatically increases the rate of blood flow. Also, the stimulation of nerve receptors causes the blood vessels (reflex action) to dilate.

A milky white fluid, 'Lymph', carries waste and impurities away from the tissues and passes through gland-like structures spaced throughout the lymphatic system, which acts as filtering valve. The lymph does not circulate as the blood does, so its movement completely depends on the squeezing effect of muscle contractions.

Consequently, inactive people fail to stimulate flow of lymph. On the other hand, the stimulation caused by vigorous activity can be outstripped by the increased waste produced by that activity. Body Massage can dramatically aid the movement of lymph in either case.

In order to keep the whole body healthy, the smallest parts of the body, the cells, must be healthy. The individual cells of the body are dependent on an abundant supply of blood and lymph because these fluids supply nutrients and oxygen and eliminates waste and toxin. So, it is easy to understand why good circulation is so important to our health and how Body Massage can be beneficial for the same.

What are the things to be considered while buying a massager?

As there are multiple massager options available and top at all Body massager being a health aid, one needs to be careful while choosing a right offering. The various things to be considered while taking a buying call are:

·        What kind of battery system is used for massager operation? (Should preferably have long life).
·        What are the attachments made of? (They should be soft and skin friendly, not of hard plastic).
·        Quantity of attachments is not important but quality is!
·        Is ventilation provided? (Should have some ventilation for durability).
·        The Body massager should have an approved quality mains cord and plug.
·        The massager machine should be comparatively light for easy handling.

What are the things to be considered while using a body massager?

As we are already aware about the various benefits of massage and also the factors to be considered while buying a good body massager machine, we also need to understand various things to be taken care of while using a hand held body massager.

·        Specific attachments should be strictly used only for those body part for which they are designed & recommended.
·        Attachments should be appropriately fixed as mentioned in the user guide for optimum benefits.
·        Hand held massagers should be used in intervals (approx. 20 mins) instead of continuous one stretch, as thee are class II appliances and have comparative less ventilation.
·        Prolonged use on any one specific body parts should be avoided. Gentle massage should be evenly distributed all over.
·        Massage should be given in a right direction as recommended or mentioned in the user guide.