Rib Pain

Rib Pain
Rib pain is felt at & below the chest & above the navel on either sides. It generally occurs post an injury or sometimes without any specific cause. Rib pain is generally caused by anything from sprained muscles to a rib fracture. The pain occurs immediately post injury, or develops gradually over a period of time.

Pain in ribs can be a sign of an underlying condition, so one should report any such instance of rib cage pain to the specialist immediately. Rib pain relief generally refers to ergonomically developed external rib supports specially designed to provide adequate rib support ( to avoid pain while breathing & restrict the rib crack expansion), ice pack therapy or any special treatments suggested by an expert.

Sabar Healthcare offers specially designed Rib supports for male and female. Explore the below given offerings for great health.

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Elastic Rib Belt - 4020

Sabar Elastic Rib belt : is specially designed unisex belt to provide firm & stable support to t..

Rs.535.00 Ex Tax: Rs.509.52

Elastic Rib Support - 4025

Sabar Elastic Rib Support belt :(With Splints) is a specially designed support to provide firm &..

Rs.595.00 Ex Tax: Rs.566.67

Full Rib Support for Female - 4500

Sabar's Full Rib Support - aka Rib Cage support belt :is a specially crafted thoracic support that p..

Rs.840.00 Ex Tax: Rs.800.00

Lower Rib Support - 4510

Sabar's Lower Rib Support :( for Female) is a specially crafted thoracic support for females that pr..

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