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Say “NO” to Grey Hair !

Below given tips shall prove beneficial in order to have healthy and dense hair along with preventing premature greying.

1) Avla
Make a paste of Avla in water and apply to the hair. Let it rest for 1 to 2 hours and then rinse. Distinctly thickened and blackened texture of the hair would be visible after rinsing. You can also use Avla hair oil for massaging your hair.

2) Fresh juices
Have fresh vegetables or their juices. The juices include carrot, lettuce, alfalfa and the like. These provide energy and vitality to your body while the drinks such as refined sugars, soft drinks, white flours and pastries.

3) Indian gooseberry
Have as much of this fruit as possible. It is known to be a tonic for preventing white hair. You can also make a lotion with Indian gooseberry, lemon slices and coconut oil. Massage your scalp thrice a week and leave for an hour.

4) Bhringraj oil
Use this oil to massage your hair. Consult with anAyurvedic practitioner to know more about anti-pitta herbs as they help in preventing greying of hair.

5) Fruit juices and honey
Apart from Avla, honey, brahmi,Shankhpushpi, Vacha and brahmighrutam are known Ayurvedic treatments for preventing Grey hair.

6) Shun unhealthy habits
Abuse of alcohol, prescription drugs and smoking have been linked to inhibition in hair growth.

7) Try a home remedy
A home remedy for darkening grey hair involves making a weekly poultice. It is made from henna powder, coffee, yogurt, fenugreek, mint juice and basil juice. You need to apply for 3 hours before rinsing with a shampoo.

8) Curry leaves
Boil curry leaves in coconut oil and apply the mixture on your hair. It is a good treatment to prevent formation of white hairs.

9) Coconut oil with lemon
A traditional method of preventing white hair formation is mixing coconut with lemon or almond oil and massaging of scalp.

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good tips! As now a days more and more people suffer from the hair loss, these tips will surely help. Thanks!

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Thanks for sharing!

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This content is well-detailed and easy to understand. Thank you for creating a good content!

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This content is well-detailed and easy to understand. Thank you for creating a good content! Goodluck!

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