Body Massagers

Body Massagers
Electric Body Massagers, (either hand held or in pillow form) do prove to be one’s magic wand, as it can help relieve joint / muscle pain and simultaneously provide complete body relaxation. It’s a handy and portable solution to refresh instantly from tiredness and clumsiness. Multiple massage attachments can do wonders on different body parts.

Sabar Healthcare is engaged in manufacturing high quality & heavy duty body massagers which are one of the niche offerings in the particular domain. The hand held multi-purpose body massager and the pillow massager are developed according to the export & international standards. 

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Body Massager - Pillow - Anti Migraine Pillow - BM

Sabar Anti-Migraine Body Massage Pillow is a gentle masseur that massages gently, re-calibrates the ..

Rs.775.00 Ex Tax: Rs.691.96

Magic 6 Body Massager - M-6

Sabar Magic-6 Body Massager is a Handy Body Massager machine to massage various parts of the body, n..

Rs.1,250.00 Ex Tax: Rs.1,116.07