Headache is one of the most common symptoms experienced by many. People are seen irritated due to severe headache, some of them also experience one sided headache, which literally affects their productivity and concentration.

People generally pop-in pills to get quick relief which is not considered as a healthy headache relief solution over a long run. Many of them also experience migraine headache, which is one of the worst pains ever. Even Google admits that one of the top most searched query is “How to get rid of headache”? 

Sabar Healthcare offers various proven Migraine & headache relief solutions. Explore the below listed products for a great health.

Products for headache relief

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Bio-Magnetic Head Belt - BM 110

Sabar Bio-Magnetic Head Belts : Sabar Bio-Magnetic Head Belts are technically crafted by profes..

Rs.410.00 Ex Tax: Rs.347.46

Bio-Magnetic Eye Belt - BM 120

Magnetic Eye Belt - Sabar Bio-Magnetic eye beltuses magnets to help improve blood circulation around..

Rs.360.00 Ex Tax: Rs.305.08

Body Massager - Pillow - Anti Migraine Pillow - BM

Sabar Anti-Migraine Body Massage Pillow is a gentle masseur that massages gently, re-calibrates the ..

Rs.775.00 Ex Tax: Rs.691.96

Magic 6 Body Massager - M-6

Sabar Magic-6 Body Massager is a Handy Body Massager machine to massage various parts of the body, n..

Rs.1,250.00 Ex Tax: Rs.1,116.07