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Abdominal Surgical Belt - 4010

Abdomen Belt - Sabar Abdominal Belta.k.a abdominal binder, supports & compresses the abdominal m..

Rs.742.00 Ex Tax: Rs.706.67

Backguard 3090 XC

Sabar Back Support - Backguard 3090 XC- is an Ideal Back Support for Chair or backrest - and..

Rs.3,590.00 Ex Tax: Rs.3,419.05

Car Headrest Pillow - (Pair) - HR 12

Sabar Car Head rest pillow :Sabar Car Head rest pillow is an ergonomically crafted inflata..

Rs.350.00 Ex Tax: Rs.333.33

Heating Pad - HB 650 - (Medium) -5%

Heating Pad - HB 650 - (Medium)

Heating Pad - Sabar Heating Belt – HB 650delivers controllable, gradual, penetrating and soothin..

Rs.820.00 Rs.779.00 Ex Tax: Rs.741.90

Heating Pad - HB 950 - (Large) -5%

Heating Pad - HB 950 - (Large)

Heating Pad - Sabar Heating Belt – HB 950 delivers controllable, gradual, penetrating and soothing h..

Rs.925.00 Rs.878.00 Ex Tax: Rs.836.19

Lumbar Sacro Belt - 3011 New

Lumbar Sacro Belt - 3011

Lumbar Belt - Sabar Lumbar Sacro Beltprovides maximum support to the mid and lower back area without..

Rs.742.00 Ex Tax: Rs.706.67

Magic 6 Body Massager - M-6 -5%

Magic 6 Body Massager - M-6

Sabar Magic-6 Body Massager is a Handy Body Massager machine to massage various parts of the body, n..

Rs.895.00 Rs.850.00 Ex Tax: Rs.758.93

Sauna Slimming Body Wrap - FLTR 1230

Sauna Belt - Sabar Sauna Slimming Body Wrap is designed using the safest Infrared thermal technology..

Rs.5,750.00 Ex Tax: Rs.5,133.93