About Back supports

What are the different types of Back supports available?

There are plethora of back supports available in the onlineas well as conventional market, thus it becomes very important for one tochoose the right kind of support which would really prove beneficial. Backsupports, which are well searched and well known as backrests, lumbar supportsare very essential, especially when the basic seating arrangement is notappropriate. Back supports are also referred to lumbar support belts which arewrapped to minimize back pain.

The different types of back supports available are,

·        Lower back cushions

·        Ergonomically designed lumbar supports

·        Stuffed Back pillows

·        Memory foam back supports

·        Add-on ergonomic seats

·        Lumbar support belts A.K.A back belts


Is a Back supportreally beneficial?

Yes, an ergonomically/scientifically designed back supportcan do wonders to your seating habits. Generally most of us aren’t aware aboutour seating habits and we seldom practice proper flawless sitting posture. Overa period of time improper seating leads to back strain and pain. By regularlyusing an ideal back support, one can avoid any kind of back problem.

Even the ones who drive long do experience discomfort in thelower back pain due to improper car seating supports. Thus it’s recommendableto use an ergonomic backrest while at work, while driving or just sitting onany arrangement.

How does a back support benefit?

Having an ergonomic back support placed on the office chair,car seat or home sofa, makes one sit in the right manner with the spine alignedin an anatomic way. A back support maintains an anatomic position of the spineeven when one is not aware about his/her posture.

Using an ergonomic backrest regularly, prevents most kindsof future back problems. The ones who have already experienced some aches canprevent the condition from further deterioration. 

Wearing a well-developed lumbar support belt suppresses thepain and provides relief. Thus back supports are utterly beneficial.

Is it mandatory touse a Back support?

DEPENDS! If the seating arrangement is already ergonomicallydesigned, then there is no need to have an additional back support. But if itis not, then one should have an ergonomic backrest place on the seatingarrangement to secure the spine from any kind of future back problems.


What are the things to be considered while buying a Back support?

Having a rightly crafted back support chosen from the poolof products available is very essential. The various aspects to be consideredwhile taking a buying call are:

·        A backrest should be ergonomically designedaccording to the anatomy of the spine.

·        The back support should have an optimum lumbarcurve.

·        A back support with height adjustment isconsidered to be the best as people with different heights require lumbar pushat different areas of spine.

·        The support should have appropriate cushioningfor long comfort seating.

·        It should have arrangements to be fixed onvarious seating options.

·        The back support should be portable and lightfor carrying it with ease.