About Heating Pads

What are heating pads?

Heating pads and belts are scientifically crafted pads those are used for warming of body parts in order to manage ache & pain. Some Heating pads are highly technical in terms of development, as they have Teflon coated highly safe insulated coils due to which the heating pads become durable and completely safe for use. Heating pads generally come in various shapes and sizes, rectangular being one of the standard shape. Various Heating pads do have multiple levels of heat control system which allows a user to manage his/her heat requirement.

How does a Heating Pad work?

As gentle heat is passed on an affected body part, blood vessels in the respective area expands and blood circulation boosts up. This provides additional oxygen & nutrients for the body cells, evacuation of waste is eased, damaged tissues are healed, relaxes muscles and provides relief. When heating pad is used on painful & stiff joints, it increases flexibility of soft & connective tissues and muscles, increases range of motion and brings relief.

What are the different types of heating pads?

The various types of Heating pads those are available are:
·        Electric Heating Pads and belts
·        Moist Heating Pads
·        Dry Heating Pads
·        Air Activated Heat Pads
·        Microwaveable Heating Pads
·        Chemical Heating Pads

What are heating pads used for?

Heating Pads help relaxing the muscles when they are in tensed condition. Heating pads are majorly used during neck aches & pain, shoulders pain, back aches & pain, elbow strain/pain, knee pain etc. Heating Pad is also an ideal solution for easing pain in gastro-intestinal area and relieving pain during menstrual cycles.

What is the difference between a heating pad and a hot water bag?

A hot water bag or bottle is a flat, oblong container, made of rubber, filled with hot water and used for applying warmth on painful body parts in order to get relief. The bag remains effective till the water inside remains warm, then one has to again refill it with hot water. Hot water bags were massively used in the earlier times to solve the purpose that heating pads do these days. Of course, there are many drawbacks of the water bag when compared to a heating pad eg. :
·        No different heating levels.
·        Water to be changed frequently.
·        Comparatively less effective.
·        Heavier when filled with water.


Are Heating pads safe?

The safety of the heating pads completely depend on its construction. Some of the mandatory features that a heating pad needs to have are:
·        Teflon coated insulation coil.
·        Thermostat systems for auto temperature cutoff.
·        Robust outer material with optimum heat bearing capacity.
·        Best quality mains cord and plug.
Most of the Heating pads available in the market are missing on some of these important features in order to lower down the manufacturing cost. Thus it becomes important from the buyers perspective to have a check on these factors before buying the product. 


Who can use a heating pad and when?

Heating pads can be used by people across all age groups but by adhering to the given guidelines and if infant, then under supervision.
Heating pad helps when muscles & joints are tensed - for example neck, shoulders, back, elbow, knee etc. They are also ideal for easing pain in the gastro-intestinal area and for relieving menstrual aches. 
When gentle heat is applied on a painful area, blood vessels in the surrounding areas expand and blood circulation is promoted. This provides additional oxygen and nutrients to the body cells, evacuation of waste products is eased, helps to heal the damaged tissue, relaxes muscles and brings relief.
When heat is applied to the painful and stiff joints, it increases flexibility of soft tissues, connective tissues, and muscles.Increases range of motion and brings relief.


What are the things to be considered while buying a Heating Pad?

Now-a-days conventional as well as online markets are flooded with various types of heating pads. One can get them in various different sizes and shapes. As heating pad is an electronic device and is to be directly placed on a body part, safety is the prior most aspect to be considered. Various points to be taken care while buying a heating pad are:
·        It should have PTFE (TEFLON) coated heating elements (coil) for 100% safety.
·        It should have a strongly resistant &flexible outer material to bear the extreme temperature fluctuations.
·        It should have certified quality plug &mains cord for appropriate functioning & additional safety.
·        It should have a quality certification by an authorized body.
·        It should have an outer cover (Preferably cotton) for better usage.
·        It should be a standard product.  


What are the things to be taken care while using a Heating Pad?

While standard & quality heating pads are 100% safe to use, one needs to adhere to certain instructions mentioned in the user manual by the brand.
Some general precautions to be taken into consideration while using a heating pad are:
·        One should gradually increase the heating levels as per the body comfort level.
·        One should not fall asleep while using a heating pad.
·        One should not sleep on a heating pad.
·        One should not fold the heating pad in a wrong direction(pls check the right folding pattern mentioned by the brand). As it can lead tolowering the durability of the product.
·        One should not leave the heating pad ON, unattended.
·        Children should use it under strict and continuous attention.
·        One should use it with a cotton cover on.
·        One should read the user manual carefully for optimum use of the product.