About Travel Pillow

What are different types of travel pillow?

Generally travel pillows are referred to various inflatable pillows which are used while sitting (around the neck), sleeping, stuffed pillows and cushions etc. Travel pillows are available in various shapes ,colors and sizes and they are either inflatable or stuffed.
These days one can find travel pillows specially designed for kids in their favorite cartoon characters, colors and themes.

Do travel pillow really help?

Travel pillows are a real boon on a long drive, train or a flight if used efficiently. Ergonomically designed travel pillows provide optimum support and comfort to the neck area avoiding it from getting sprained even when one falls asleep.

Why are inflatable travel pillows better?

Inflatable Travel pillows, compared to the stuffed ones, have an option of managing the air within according to one’s comfort. One can easily choose the width of the travel pillow by accordingly filling as much air as required, which is not at all possible with the stuffed ones. Also, when not required, they can be flattened and packed.
Thus Inflatable travel pillows are a better option and comparatively more preferred.

What are Car Head Rest pillow?

Car headrest pillows, also well known as car pillows and even travel pillows, are support cushions which are used to rest the head while driving a four-wheeler. They are very effective in term of providing optimum head rest and support on a long drive.

Car head rest pillows are also available in both the forms ie, Inflatable as well as stuffed. Like inflatable travel pillows even inflatable Car pillows are comparatively beneficial and comfortable.

What is a difference between a travel pillow and a car head rest pillow?

Travel pillow & car head rest pillow, most of the time, both interchangeably used have different purpose to function. Travel pillow or a “C” shaped neck pillow is Ergonomically Designed inflatable pillow to accordingly fit around the neck in order to provide appropriate support while sleeping on travel. No matter which ever side a person rests his/her head, the pillow provides support.
Whereas, a car head rest pillow/car pillow is efficiently designed to provide support to the head while driving long.