Clavicle posture Aids

Clavicle posture Aids
Fractures can be disastrous! Majorly the ones that has an potential to deteriorate ones overall personality attributes. One of such fractures is considered to be that of the clavicle bone.

Clavicle bone positioning has a direct influence on one’s overall personality enhancement. Improper sitting and standing methods too have a potential of deteriorating the clavicle bone positioning. Thus in either of the cases ie; a major clavicle bone fracture or improper posture, clavicle posture aids can play a major role in providing adequate support and stability to the collar bone and back.

Sabar Healthcare is involved in manufacturing of clavicle posture aids, which are used to immobilize, stabilize and align clavicle fractures in the correct position and also for postural correction due to habitual wrong standing / sitting condition.

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Clavicle Brace - 1110

Sabar clavicle brace :provides support and stability for the collar bone and back after a fracture. ..

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