Clinical Warming Mats (Manual)

Clinical Warming Mats (Manual)

Sabar Clinical Heating Mats Provide warmth during Cold and Clinical treatments. Helps to avoid hypothermia by maintaining body temperature during and post surgery. Ideal to use in case of reversal of anesthesia and post surgical recovery. These Clinical Warming Mats are manufactured to the highest standards and are inspected and tested to ensure safety, comfort and reliability.

These Clinical Heating Mats are Ideal For : ICCU, Operation Theaters, Anesthesia, Post Recovery Rooms, Pediatrics Care Units, And Rehabilitation Centers etc...

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Clinical Heating Mat - CHM 3000 ST - (Pediatric)

Sabar Clinical Warming Mat OR Patient Warming System - Pediatric (Manual)Ideal For :ICCU,O..

Rs.7,500.00 Ex Tax: Rs.6,696.43

Clinical Heating Mat - CHM 7100 ST - (Adult)

Sabar Clinical Warming Mat OR Patient Warming System - Adult (Manual)Ideal For :ICCU,Opera..

Rs.11,500.00 Ex Tax: Rs.10,267.86