Shoulder And Arm Supports

Shoulder And Arm Supports
As per an independent survey, it was highlighted that shoulder and arm injury are the most common among various other fractures and minor/major injuries taking place. The human anatomy and reflexes are designed such that, people tend to forefront their arm (indirectly shoulder), to get defensive in order to safeguard from getting hurt (in accidental situations).
Shoulder being one of the major joints and  frequently in use, it gets easily disturbed due to non-ergonomic actions.

Sabar Healthcare is engaged in manufacturing of various shoulder and arm supports that provides support, controlled compression and therapeutic warmth to the shoulder and upper arm and allows gradual return to full range of motion (post operation). The supports promote healing by immobilizing the shoulder and upper arm in dislocations, fracture, strains, sprain and other injuries.

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Arm Sling - 2110

Sabar Arm Sling is crafted for supporting the forearm ergonomically, when fractured or otherwise inj..

Rs.385.00 Ex Tax: Rs.366.67

Shoulder Support - 2130

Sabar Shoulder supportis used for dislocated shoulder, frozen shoulder, broken collar bone, Rotator ..

Rs.425.00 Ex Tax: Rs.404.76

Sling and Swathe - 2120

Shoulder Immobilizer - Sabar Sling and Swathe A unique support guides and centers the gleno-hum..

Rs.585.00 Ex Tax: Rs.557.14