Eye Strain

Eye Strain

In today’s technologically advanced world, eye strain is a common complaint heard. People generally are hooked to their gadget screens for hours, not realizing the amount of strain getting on their eyes which eventually results into itching, eyes burning and even headache.

As an option for instant eye strain relief, people splash cold water, apply cucumber or have drops which are easy available. One needs to be very sensitive towards the eye resistance and accordingly provide the relief required.

Sabar Healthcare offers various proven eye strain relief solutions. 

Explore the below listed products for a great health.

Product for Eye Strain Relief

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Bio-Magnetic Head Belt - BM 110

Sabar Bio-Magnetic Head Belts : Sabar Bio-Magnetic Head Belts are technically crafted by profes..

Rs.410.00 Ex Tax: Rs.347.46

Bio-Magnetic Eye Belt - BM 120

Magnetic Eye Belt - Sabar Bio-Magnetic eye beltuses magnets to help improve blood circulation around..

Rs.360.00 Ex Tax: Rs.305.08

Body Massager - Pillow - Anti Migraine Pillow - BM

Sabar Anti-Migraine Body Massage Pillow is a gentle masseur that massages gently, re-calibrates the ..

Rs.775.00 Ex Tax: Rs.691.96