Heating Pad - HP 900 ST - (Large)

Heating Pad - HP 900 ST - (Large)
Sabar Heating Pad – HP 900 ST delivers controllable, gradual, penetrating and soothing heat to specific areas of the body, relieving aches and pains.
The electric heating pad provides great relief to aching muscles & joints. The Heat pads are constructed with PTFE coated heating Elements, providing highest user safety.
Sabar Heating pad - HP 900 ST provides,- (H3)
Greater pain relief in joints, backaches, stiff-neck etc
Relief from body pain caused by bone related disorders like Spondylosis, Lumbago, Rheumatism, Arthritis, frozen shoulder etc.
Relief from post-delivery, post-operative and menstrual pain under doctor’s guidance.
Relief to Sportsman, Athletes and persons suffering from strained limbs, Pulled Muscles etc.
Sabar Heat Belt - HP 900 ST bears following features,- (H4)
Flexible - to fit all parts of the body.
Outer Coat PVC material with Laminated Cloth for extra strength.
Comfortable two levels heat settings.
Automatic thermal cut-off.
PTFE - (Teflon) coated heating element for 100% Safety.
Approved to Q.C. certification.
Washable cotton cover.
Warranted for 12 months.
Size: 25 x 35 cms
Power: 230 V AC - 63W - 50Hz.
Technical Data
Size25 x 35 cms
Operating Voltage230 V AC, 50 Hz, 63 W
Heat LevelTwo levels of Heat - High and Low
Cut-Off Temperature80*C

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