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Cervical Collar (Soft) - 1005

Sabar Xtra Soft cervical collar (a.k.a Neck collar / Neck brace) is used for supporting the neck and..

Rs.320.00 Ex Tax: Rs.304.76

Cervical Collar - Semi Hard - 1010

Sabar cervical collar (a.k.a - Neck collar / Neck brace)is used for supporting the neck and pro..

Rs.320.00 Ex Tax: Rs.304.76

Head Halter - 1050

Head Halter - Cervical Traction Belt : Sabar Head Halter is a Physio Therapy Traction Device, inten..

Rs.262.00 Ex Tax: Rs.249.52

Bio-Magnetic Neck Collar - BM 130

Sabar Bio-Magnetic Neck Collar : Sabar Bio-Magnetic Neck Collar melts away stress and tens..

Rs.455.00 Ex Tax: Rs.385.59