Knee/Calf/ Ankle Supports

Knee/Calf/ Ankle Supports
Walking, running, climbing and jumping can lead to aching and stressful legs. Due to a continuous rat race, people are on the move to achieve their goals and objectives, irrespective of stressed muscles and joints. Whether it’s a sports person, a business man, a house wife or a student, stressed and aching leg muscles can cause unbearable disturbance and lack of concentration. Ergonomically developed external Knee/ Calf/ Ankle supports can provide therapeutic warmth and healing support to the aching legs.

Sabar Healthcare is engaged in the manufacturing of a range of Knee/ Calf/ Ankle supports that provides therapeutic support, warmth, gentle and uniform compression to the knee, calf and ankle region, thus giving relief and warmth.

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Ancalf Support - (Pair) - 5015

Sabar Ancalf Support - A.K.A. Compression Stocking,  Provides therapeutic support, wa..

Rs.757.00 Ex Tax: Rs.720.95

Ankle Binder - 5040

Sabar's Ankle Binder is an effective belt to support, compress and partially immobilize the ankle fo..

Rs.227.00 Ex Tax: Rs.216.19

Ankle Support - (Pair) - 5020

Sabar's Ankle Support provides mild compression, warmth and support to the ankle joint. It is used t..

Rs.361.00 Ex Tax: Rs.343.81

Calf Support with Extra Grip & Pad - 5001

Sabar calf support adds warmth, compression, and support for calf strains, shin splints, and varicos..

Rs.366.00 Ex Tax: Rs.348.57

Knee Support - Knee Cap - 5005 - (Pair)

Sabar Tabular Knee support provides compression for weak or over stressed knees. It minimizes chance..

Rs.319.00 Ex Tax: Rs.303.81

Knee Support - Knee Cap - Open Patella - 5011 - (Pair)

Sabar Tabular Knee support - Open Patella - provides compression for weak or over stressed knee..

Rs.361.00 Ex Tax: Rs.343.81

Varicose Veins Stocking - (Closed Heel) - (Pair) - 5031

Sabar varicose veins stockings - A.K.A. Compression Stocking (Closed Heel) are specialized..

Rs.855.00 Ex Tax: Rs.814.29

Varicose Veins Stocking - (Pair) - 5030

Sabar varicose veins stockings - A.K.A. Compression Stocking, are specialized hosiery desi..

Rs.855.00 Ex Tax: Rs.814.29