Obesity is one of the growing concerns in the masses. Be it students, housewives or working professionals. Everyone are finding ways to shed off their extra kilos either by joining gym, cutting down on diet, opting for surgeries, visiting slimming centers etc.

Many slimming centers have popped up to reframe and resize the masses via sauna therapy. These include sauna belt wraps, slimming heat belts, complete body wraps along with curtailed diet plans. It’s always better to have slimming solutions handy in order to save on the high slimming center costs and be able to use the therapy as per one’s convenience.

Sabar Healthcare offers sauna slimming belts & wraps for both individual as well as professional use. Below given are the slimming sauna body wrap / belt for personal use.
For getting the professional slimming product details, contact us at : info@sabarhealthcare.com

Products for Slimming

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Sauna Slimming Blanket - SSB 200 New

Sauna Slimming Blanket - SSB 200

Sauna Slimming Blanket - SSB 200Sabar Sauna Slimming Blanket is designed using safest Infrared ..

Rs.14,950.00 Ex Tax: Rs.13,348.21

Sauna Slimming Body Wrap - FLTR 1230

Sabar Sauna Slimming Body Wrap is designed using safest Infrared thermal technology for deep heat ce..

Rs.5,750.00 Ex Tax: Rs.5,133.93