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Bio-Magnetic Head Belt - BM 110

Sabar Bio-Magnetic Head Belts are technically crafted by professionals for treating headache. The Bi..

Rs.355.00 Ex Tax: Rs.312.78

Bio-Magnetic Eye Belt - BM 120

Sabar Bio-Magnetic eye belt uses magnets to help improve blood circulation around your eyes. Bio mag..

Rs.310.00 Ex Tax: Rs.273.13

Bio-Magnetic Neck Collar - BM 130

Sabar Bio-Magnetic Neck Collar melts away stress and tension, it gently drapes around the neck to pr..

Rs.395.00 Ex Tax: Rs.348.02

Bio-Magnetic Wrist Belt - BM 140

Sabar Bio-Magnetic wrist belt is specially designed with flexible magnets, having required magnetic ..

Rs.195.00 Ex Tax: Rs.171.81

Bio-Magnetic Diabetic Belt - BM 150

Sabar Bio-Magnetic Diabetic Belts are manufactured using the best quality raw material and offers po..

Rs.885.00 Ex Tax: Rs.779.74

Bio-Magnetic Lumbar Belt - BM 160

Sabar Bio-Magnetic lumbar belts are specially designed with flexible magnets, having required magnet..

Rs.1,295.00 Ex Tax: Rs.1,140.97

Bio-Magnetic Knee Belt - BM 170

Sabar Bio Magnetic knee cap is specially designed to target the painful, inflamed knee areas. Some r..

Rs.570.00 Ex Tax: Rs.502.20

Bio-Magnetic Ankle Elbow Belt - BM 180

Sabar Bio-Magnetic Ankle/Elbow belts are specially designed flexible magnet belts, having required m..

Rs.610.00 Ex Tax: Rs.537.44